It’s the run up to Christmas and the frenzy is on the increase, as marketers intensify efforts to make the most of the season.

As season sales take over the remaining days of the year, it is important that brands fully plan and perfectly execute their strategies to maximize consumers’ experiences and this is where the various brands will be distinguished.

Not only are brands at war with their competitors; they are also warring with consumers’ expectation from the brand’s previous years’ performances. To win this war, you can automate your marketing, and reduce stress in your planning process.

What then is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to effectively market on multiple channels online and automate repetitive tasks. Some of the marketing tasks that can be automated include email, social media and website actions, which are all made easier by the technology of marketing automation.

If you aren’t even sure of what to promote, you can allow your data to work for you, in other to ensure you stand out from your competitors. Often, items brands tend to push to their consumers aren’t even what the consumers want to bag in a bargain. This is where your should data fall in – to help you know what to push.

Push those items that you want to promote while also giving your consumers an irresistible offer, which can be based on your consumers’ browser behavior. With emails, you can use your derived stats to acknowledge your VIP consumers, and make sure you act right to your prospective customers/new buyers. This is because research has shown that relevant emails drive more revenue than broadcast emails.

The derived data also make it possible to reactivate consumers who have been relegated to the back seat – those who have always been active, but have not been lately. By sending personalized emails, teasers and fun stories, and allowing them to share their anticipations for the season, you are likely to get them re-interested, and re-engaged.

Make sure that your marketing activities around this season are properly followed up. Always send a follow-up mail, as research show that re-marketing can generate a 54% increase in revenues, driven by a follow up email.

Also, do not neglect your email content. Here’s a tip: make do with agile automated content this period. If you are thinking of splashing out on a countdown, this is exactly what your other competitors will be doing. Enrich your email with some video content that could stream inside the email; there are a hundred personalized ways to enrich your email content.

In this marketing season, automation is very key, and the most cost and resource-efficient way for brands to get the most out of their online marketing is to be automation-ready.